There are a number of powerful apps available to help you work more efficiently and for productivity and creativity.

Snow Flower Text

Snow Flower Text is a text editor designed to be easy to use by anyone. It can be used in many scenes such as document writing and programming. In particular, it has strong affinity with the Web platform and strongly supports users to send information on the Web. Also, you can quickly open and edit huge text data files stably.

Snowflower Diff

Snowflower Diff is a very powerful tool for comparison and merging. In an easy-to-understand graphical environment suitable for all comparison scenes You can easily and quickly find the differences.

Snowflower Pass

Snowflower Pass is a security-conscious password manager. It is possible to manage multiple account information safely and easily with one password. It is possible to automatically generate passwords according to security policies, calculate password strength, and print passwords for storage.

Snowflower Arc

Snowflower Arc is an archive utility that supports creating and unpacking archives. It supports many compression algorithms and you can select a compression algorithm according to usage scene. It is optimized for the latest processor and realizes speedy extraction.

Snowflower Calc

Snowflower Calc is a precision calculator of mathematical expression input type. This calculator is not based on the design of a classic calculator, it is designed to pursue ease of use especially in a desktop computer environment.

Snowflower Unit

Snowflower Unit is a unit conversion tool. This application supports 19 categories such as length, area, volume, angle, weight and time.It is the best tool when you need to convert quickly between units.

Snowflower REC

With Snowflower REC, you can shoot your Mac workspace with simple operation, convert it to movie format and save it. It is a tool best suited for usage scenes like SNS or blogs that introduce the operation procedure as a movie.

Snowflower EPUB Validator

By using Snowflower EPUB Validator you can easily find the problem of EPUB 2 & 3 e-book format and quickly check the problem part of source. It is a tool to provide a stable reading environment to readers of your books.

Snowflower Chess

Snowflower Chess is the best environment to practice chess. By playing with a computer, chess skills will improve widely from beginner to grand master level.It is a chess game where you can play against computers with 20 difficulty levels.

Snowflower Metrics

Snowflower Metrics is a source code metrics measurement tool. You can find refactoring points effectively and quickly without relying on the experience of software developers. Analyze complexity and size metrics for many programming languages in a unified user interface. This application strongly supports the improvement of source code quality.

Snowflower Stats

Snowflower Stats is a utility for monitoring system load. Real-time monitoring of CPU utilization and CPU temperature can be performed. You can check the transition of the load in the area chart.

Snowflower Talk

Snowflower Talk is a software that reads sentences with natural speech similar to human voice. Even if you enter a long sentence, it will recognize the sentence and convert it on a sentence-by-sentence basis and start reading aloud without waiting time.