Snowflower Diff Overview

Snowflower Diff is a very powerful tool for comparison and merging. In an easy-to-understand graphical environment suitable for all comparison scenes You can easily and quickly find the differences.

Often you will want to compare two files to see the differences, and not just in text.

  • Text Comparison and Merging

  • Image file comparison

  • Comparison of office documents

  • Binary file comparison

  • Comparison of meta information

It’s very hard to find with your eyes without using a comparison tool to find out where you’ve added, changed, and deleted things. You should leave the comparison work to the computer and focus on meaningful work.

Snowflower Diff can be used for many of these comparison opportunities. The comparison and merging process will be much smoother if you use it in your projects.


Simply drag two files or folders into the application and start comparing them immediately. Seamlessly open file comparisons with a click from the list of differences in folder comparisons.

There are text, image, binary and meta-mode comparison modes to find the difference between the two files. The application automatically selects the appropriate comparison mode for the file to be compared. It is also possible to explicitly specify the comparison mode in the context menu.

Folder Comparison

Folder comparison mode recursively walks through the two folders and compares files that have matching filenames and lists the differences. Files that have been changed or exist in only one of the folders will be shown. Differences are categorized as Add, Delete or Modify and are colored and highlighted.

Meaning of the symbols

Files that exist only on the left side


Files that exist only on the right side


Files with different contents and the same name

The folder comparison operation may be slower to respond if there are many files in the selected folder.

Text Comparison

The text file comparison mode allows you to compare two text files quickly and clearly. And a text editor with advanced editing support allows you to perform interactive merging tasks. The text editor supports multi-cursor and syntax highlighting.

Visually show the differences (additions, deletions and changes) between two text files with color coding. Two color-coded steps, line and character by line, allow you to quickly find the differences.

The text comparison mode offers the following comparison options.

Ignore White Space

If this option is enabled, all whitespace is ignored. Also, differences in line endings (LF and CRLF) are ignored.

The following display options are available in text comparison mode.

Side by Side

Side-by-side mode displays two different files side-by-side.


The unified view mode is designed to show the difference between the two files in This is a smaller, more readable format.

If the size of the selected file is large, the text file comparison operation can be performed with Response time may be slow.

Binary Comparison

Binary comparison mode compares data in hexadecimal numbers. If the application determines that one of the two files is binary, or if If the context menu explicitly opens in binary comparison mode Opens in binary comparison view. The binary comparison mode is read-only mode.

Image Comparison

The image comparison mode highlights the differences through advanced image comparison. It is useful for finding corrections in photos and checking differences in illustrations.

There are two display options in image comparison mode

Side by Side

This is a side-by-side image comparison method that automatically detects differences. Unlike simple pixel-by-pixel comparisons, this option detects object movement. Slightly irreversible compression noise in JPEG images is ignored.


Two images are stacked. The user can change the transparency of the stacked images by moving the slider. You can find the position of the changes.

“Side-by-side” automatically reports the differences in the images. “Stacked” can be used if the automatic redetection does not find any differences. It is easy to use and helps users to discover the differences by themselves.

The following image formats are supported.

  • BMP

  • GIF

  • JPEG

  • PNG

  • SVG

  • TIFF

  • WBMP

Office Document Comparison

The office document comparison mode expands the text and compares it in the same interface as the text mode. The text editor is in non-editable mode.

The following office document formats are supported.

  • Microsoft Excel

  • Microsoft PowerPoint

  • Microsoft Word

  • Open Document

  • PDF

  • RTF

Metadata Comparison

The meta-information comparison mode compares the meta attributes of two files and highlights where there are differences.

It supports the following file formats: images and videos.

Image Format
  • ARW

  • BMP

  • CR2

  • CRW

  • DNG

  • GIF

  • ICO

  • JPEG

  • NEF

  • ORF

  • PCX

  • PNG

  • PSD

  • RAF

  • RAW

  • RW2

  • RWL

  • SRW

  • TIFF

  • WebP

  • X3F

Video Format
  • MOV

  • MP4

  • M4V

  • 3G2

  • 3GP

  • 3GP


If the selected tab is in text comparison mode, you can export the differences to two formats.

  • Unified Diff

  • HTML

The Unified Diff format is a widely used Unix diff style. The output file can be used as input to the patch command.

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