Snowflower REC Overview

With Snowflower REC, you can capture the screen of your Mac and convert it to a movie file format and save it with simple operation. The video format can be selected from “GIF Animation” and “MP4 Video”. Unnecessary frames can be cut in the edit window.

How to use

Anyone can use this application easily.

  1. When launching the application, a transparent range frame and a control window are displayed.

  2. Drag the range frame to change the range and decide the shooting range.

  3. Press the red circle button at the center of the control window to start shooting.

  4. Press the red circle button again to stop shooting.

  5. Press the edit button to the right of the control window to open the edit window.

  6. Delete unnecessary frames in the edit window.

  7. Press the Export button, select the save file format (GIF / MP4), and select the save destination file.

  8. After waiting for a while, the specified movie file will be created.

Download on the Mac App Store