Snowflower Stats User Guide

CPU Utilization

This is the percentage of time that the CPU spends running threads that are not idle. When the usage rate is always 80 to 90%, the CPU performance necessary for executing the application is not sufficient. To solve this problem, consider upgrading to a system with a faster processor.

CPU Temperature

The Intel CPU has a safety mechanism against thermal damage. If the CPU temperature continues to rise without cooling in time, we will automatically lower the operating frequency and voltage. In this case, the response speed to the user operation drops and the operation becomes gentle overall. If the temperature continues to rise furthermore, the CPU automatically stops and is protected from physical damage. In this case, you will lose the data you are working on, so you need to be careful.


The system uptime is the time the operating system is running without restarting. Therefore, this time represents the time when the system operated stably and it is an index to measure the reliability and stability of the system. On the other hand, application of security patches occur regularly or irregularly usually requires restarting of the system, so it is possible that long continuous operation may not provide security measures accordingly .