Snowflower Pass Overview

Snowflower Pass is a password management tool that can be safely and easily manage the many passwords and account information with a single master password. You can safely manage all your passwords in youre hand.

Snowflower Pass is a powerful password manager for business and personal use. Designed for confidentiality, the password manager itself does not access the network.

Master password

The only password you need to remember is the master password. The Internet is convenient, but requires many accounts. By managing multiple account information with Snowflower Pass, you do not need to remember passwords for many accounts. You can use a long password for security. Account information, including passwords, is protected by strong encryption and can be managed securely and easily.

Database encryption

The password database is always stored with the master password encrypted using the strong encryption algorithm (AES).

Note that if you forget or lose your master password, you will not be able to open the password database.

Standalone application

Store the password database on your local computer. The Snowflower Pass does not access the network, so there is no need to grant network permissions. It works safely without any holes in the firewall and isolated from the network.

Auto clear clipboard

When the account information is copied from the Snowflower Pass to the clipboard, it will be automatically cleared after a certain time (18 seconds).

Password generation and strength evaluation

A password can be easily and automatically generated by specifying a combination of letters such as alphabets, numbers, and symbols, and the strength of the password can be evaluated.

Expiration date

You can manage the expiration date to change the password at regular intervals. Quickly find expired accounts.

The advantage of changing your password regularly is that you can limit the amount of time a password can be compromised if it is compromised.


You can print your account information on paper media. By using it as a backup,You can prepare for the failure of the storage device that stores the password database.

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