Snow Architecture Ver.2

Snow Architecture is the library that is the foundation of application development by JavaFX technology.
We use it for Snow Flower brand application development.
It realizes excellent UI / UX with JavaFX application.

Snow Flower Look and Feel (LnF)

Snow Flower is a look and feel for JavaFX. It is designed to look exactly the same on cross-platform, independent of OS. It is designed with a motif of flowers blooming on the snowy surface. This LnF combines beautiful eyes and ease of use and covers a wide range from hobby use to business use.

Snow Flower IIO (Image IO)

Snow Flower IIO is an extension technology of JavaFX IIO. In addition to standard compliant formats, TIFF, JPEG 2000, ICO etc forms can be handled transparently from JavaFX API. Compared with the method via AWT / ImageIO, parallelism and memory efficiency are greatly improved.


YOSBITS Virtual DOM technology adds DOM API to Java JavaScript engine Nashorn. With this technology, JavaScript libraries dependent on DOM can be run on Java. The visualization technology that depends on the Web browser can be integrated with Java technology independently of the browser. Since updating Virtual DOM does not involve screen updating, it runs faster than the browser.


YOSBITS SVG2D is a fast and lightweight SVG renderer that implements the Graphics 2D interface. SVG output from SVG 2 D performs local optimization. Combined with the SVGO library, it is possible to output SVG further optimized. It is possible to convert the graphic output of the library implemented based on the Graphics API of java.awt into the SVG format suitable for the Web. The coverage of the Graphics2D API is wide and it corresponds to many open source libraries.


YOSBITS SVGO is a high-speed SVG optimization engine of Java implementation. Various optimization options can be switched according to the usage load.