LPTCONTROL(8) FreeBSD System Manager's Manual LPTCONTROL(8)


lptcontrola utility for manipulating the lpt printer driver


lptcontrol -e | -i | -p | -s [ -d control_device]


The lptcontrol utility is used to set either the interrupt-driven, extended, standard, or polling mode of individual lpt(4) devices. When a printer is switched from a mode to another, this change will only take effect the next time the device is opened.

Extended mode is anything the parallel port interface can support. For an ECP/ISA parallel port, it may be FIFO+DMA or ECP.

The following command line options are supported:

Turn on extended mode.
Turn on interrupt-driven mode.
Turn on polled mode.
Turn on standard mode, i.e., turn off extended mode.
-d control_device
Set the mode of the printer control device specified by control_device. The default value for control_device is /dev/lpt0.ctl.

One of -e, -i, -p or -s must be specified.


printer devices
printer control devices
kernel configuration file
device hints for the parallel port chipset driver, ppc(4)


The lptcontrol utility first appeared in FreeBSD 1.1.5


Geoffrey M. Rehmet


The control device name should never have been an option, but should have been an optional argument. Because of this, a single argument is treated as a device name.
October 1, 2004 FreeBSD