KOI8-R(7) Linux Programmer's Manual KOI8-R(7)


koi8-r - Russian character set encoded in octal, decimal, and hexadecimal


KOI8-R is the character set of choice for encoding Russian texts for many UNIX-like operation systems. KOI8-R is a successor for KOI-8, a de-facto standard for Internet Mail, News, WWW and other interactive services at least all over the ex-SU territory.

KOI8-R is defined by RFC 1489 (Registration of a Cyrillic Character Set).


KOI8-R was designed for mixed Russian/English texts and covers only Russian Cyrillic characters, so if you're looking for Cyrillic characters for Ukrainian, Byelorussian, and so on, try ISO-IR-111, or KOI8-U (Ukrainian Character Set), or KOI8-C (for ancient Russian texts) instead, which are identical to KOI8-R in the Russian Cyrillic letters area.

A more complete set of Cyrillic characters is also defined by the ISO-8859-5 character set.

KOI8-R characters

The following table displays the characters in KOI8-R, which are printable and unlisted in the ascii(7) manual page.


ascii(7), iso-8859-5(7), koi8-u(7)
RFC 1489, http://koi8.pp.ru/


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