GGATEL(8) FreeBSD System Manager's Manual GGATEL(8)


ggatelGEOM Gate local control utility


ggatel create [ -v][ -o ro | wo | rw][ -s sectorsize][ -t timeout][ -u unit] path

ggatel attach [ -v][ -o ro | wo | rw] -u unit path

ggatel destroy [ -f] -u unit

ggatel list [ -v][ -u unit]


The ggatel utility is a local GEOM Gate class consumer. It can be used as a replacement for md(4) devices or as a “GEOMificator” for non GEOM-aware devices, but it was mainly created as an example on how to use and how to communicate with the GEOM Gate kernel module.

Available commands:

Create a ggate provider related to the given regular file or device.
Attach a worker process to an existing ggate provider.
Destroy the given ggate provider.
List ggate providers.

Available options:

Forcibly destroy ggate provider (cancels all pending requests).
-o ro | wo | rw
Specify permission to use when opening the file or device: read-only ( ro), write-only ( wo), or read-write ( rw). Default is rw.
-s sectorsize
Sector size for ggate provider. If not specified, it is taken from device, or set to 512 bytes for files.
-t timeout
Number of seconds to wait before an I/O request will be canceled. 0 means no timeout. Default is 30.
-u unit
Unit number to use.
Do not fork, run in foreground and print debug informations on standard output.
Path to a regular file or device.


Exit status is 0 on success, or 1 if the command fails. To get details about the failure, ggatel should be called with the -v option.


“GEOMify” the “ fd0” device and use gbde(8) to encrypt data on a floppy.

ggatel create -u 5 /dev/fd0 
gbde init /dev/ggate5 
gbde attach ggate5 
newfs /dev/ggate5.bde 
mount /dev/ggate5.bde /secret 
cp /private/foo /secret/ 
umount /secret 
gbde detach ggate5 
ggatel destroy -u 5


The ggatel utility as well as this manual page was written by Pawel Jakub Dawidek <pjd@FreeBSD.org>.
April 2, 2011 FreeBSD